NEWS FLASH (Vol. 01)

Meeting of presentation of the Plan of Work and yearly Budget (PTBA) 2021 of the coins communal projects organized by WACA ReSiP Togo.

Friday November 20, 2020, the Waca UGP organized a meeting of discussion on the activities of the PTBA 2021 with the carriers of the coins projects in Lomé

The meeting took place in Lomé in the boardroom of the ministry of agriculture, raising and the lasting development. She/it united 33 participants of which 11 of UGP WACA in the goal to agree with the carriers on the activities that the PTBA must take in account in view of an efficient scheduling

Following the opening of the meeting by the coordinator of the Waca project, the participants presented their plan of work in turns. During the meeting, the PTBA are presented by the carriers in support with the structures accompanists in a periodicity fixed by the aid and that is followed of exchanges debate. So the NGO AGBO-ZEGUE presented with carrier ACPC, Association of Conservation and Promotion Cultural of the Forest Sacred Godjé-Godjin, the under project” Support to the setting implementation of the Plan of planning and Management of the forest sacred Godjé-Godjin “.

This exercise of scheduling of the activities had a positive impact on the actors in their perception in the setting implementation of the activities of the under communal project. The setting in practice of this tool improves the quality of works. He/it is evident from the analysis that a precise scheduling is necessary and organized of the urgent activities, the hold in account of the back-up aspects environmental in the PTBA and measures against the pandemic of COVIDD 19.

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